Transforming Young Lives Through Photography


Take Aim Shoot - Taylor’s story

“Taylor is my name and I am 15 years of age. I live here in Brixton with just my Dad. My Mum didn’t die. She is alive, living somewhere in Manchester.

“Before she had me she was OK with my Dad but when I was born she didn’t want anything to do with him or me. I believe she decided to leave when my Dad had an accident. When he came home after some months, my mother cleared out and left me with him. At this stage I saw my father break down which broke me.

“I believe this has had an impact on my life and the way I relate with others, especially girls. It also made me very aggressive. I have been in loads of fights. I have been arrested but have not been to jail yet. I’m not a bad person. I want to do good but sometime I get frustrated.

“I came to know about the “Take Aim. Shoot.” and am so glad I met Simon Roberts, the photographer, I was touched by how he has to travel the world and meet new people and amazed how what you love doing can give you so much satisfaction.

“I am encouraged to do what I love which is to go into the music industry. Maybe I can be a musician who takes his own pictures to create his album."


Take Aim Shoot - Jessica’s story

“My name is Jessica. My Mum kicked me out when I was like 15. She couldn’t control me and said I was too bad for my own good. She handed me over to the government and I am now in a foster home. I am looking for a new family but after my mother herself has thrown me away, who’s going to love me now?

“I believe this all started when I used to witness my father putting hand on my mother and making her so weak she even saw me as a problem and that’s why she kicked me out.

 “I personally wouldn’t say I am a bad person because I don’t walk out of my house with the intention to cause anybody any harm. But if I feel frightened by someone then I’m going to face the person. I don’t want to be seen as some hard girl. I want to be able to channel my frustration elsewhere.

After joining the Positive View course I saw it wasn’t just a workshop. The team was really interested in what I wanted to do in the future and how I would be supported to reach my goal. I hadn’t experienced a genuine conversation about me with a guy before and it made me realize there are guys out there who want to help you succeed.”


Take Aim Shoot - Benjamin’s story

“At the age of 11 years I came over to the United Kingdom to join my mother and father. In my preparation of coming here I was so excited. I use to dream about England, some of my dreams were big houses, lots of money, no more struggling.

“On the other hand when I reached England it was absolutely different. I saw poverty here when I thought I was escaping it. I saw real difficult times here where many don't help others which seemed strange to me because in Africa you talk to everyone you see.

“Growing up in this environment made me give up on my dreams. Let me tell you why. I have been arrested, been stopped and searched on several occasions, been labeled as a gang member,

“I got involved with the “Take Aim. Shoot.” project through Dennis Gyamfi. I am someone who is very interested in cameras and pictures. I loved the workshop because I got a lot of insight about cameras. Before I will be hanging around on the street. Now I have been going out taking pictures and engaging with society.”


Take Aim Shoot - Paul’s story

“My name is Paul and I live in Lambeth, London. At the age of five I didn’t know what was going on around me. It was when I started primary school I started to see what London life was about.

My older brother used to get arrested nearly four times a week. My mother kicked him out of the house because she felt he was a big influence on me. I believe kicking him out made it worse because our brotherhood friendship grew even stronger.

Before I knew it I was following in my brother’s footstep. I started stealing in primary school, having fights and even getting suspended and expelled. My Mother and Father both tried their best to get me to understand but I rebelled against everything they said. I decided to finish with education. I didn’t attend secondary school or even college.

I have been arrested for grievous body harm (GBH) and for drugs. My brother who was running around causing trouble is now in prison for a very long time. I don’t want my life to turn out like that.

I was thinking what to do when a friend told me about Positive View and since then my life has taken a turn. We first started with photography but after the course you realize they are willing to help us achieve our goals as long as we are willing to dedicate ourselves to achieving them.“

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